Vad är attraktiviteten hos kvinnliga steg, medan det är oklart. Även om du tänker på, ger besök sida utmärkta möjligheter till olika underbara poses. Dessutom har trappan ofta en räcke som fungerar som ett extra stöd.


The “antenna†is a key enabler in any communications system. Antennaprise believes that it can be most effective as a trusted advisor and collaborator with its customers, their staff and other partners, particularly if they are consulted and forming part of the team charged with development of new communications parts and hybrid systems.

The rapid changes across of the communications field is bring with it the need for developers to take steps to design their solutions to help to future-proof them and protect corporate investment in R&D and competitiveness in the marketplace.

    1. Custom Antenna Design
      • Antenna and circuit/chip integration and packaging
      • Fast and efficient EM software optimization algorithm
      • Antenna and Circuit characterization-measurement
    2. S-parameters, circuit characterization (form HF MM-Wave)
      • Radiation pattern, gain, efficiency and directivity
      • Complete material characterization (form HF MM-Wave)
    3. Complete Integration of the antenna and transceiver in multilayer structure
    4. Special emphasis and expertise on MM-Wave technology as:
      • Automotive Radar (24 GHz and 77GHz-95 GHz)
      • 5G Tri-band (28GHz-38 GHz and 60 GHz)