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Teach By Yourself Hausa. Hausa is one of the major dialects of Nigeria.

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Teach By Yourself Hausa. Hausa is one of the major dialects of Nigeria.

Learning to Chat Hausa Language

Hello (“Sannu”). This fabulous website was centered on any individual contemplating studying and encouraging the Hausa words, individuals’s community and group. I’m called Sam Odiaka.

There are not numerous methods on mastering the Hausa lingo on the web (that i really could get a hold of), thus I decided to you need to put some up me personally.

It is the major lingua franca (“an average of connection between individuals of numerous tongues”) throughout Niger as well as the northern two-thirds of Nigeria.

The present day Hausa people came from the Hausa Bakwai, the seven old shows of Biram, Daura, Gobir, Kano, Katsina, Rano and Zazzau (Zaria), which means the nucleus of Kano, North main and North western states of Nigeria and the portion of Niger Republic.

At the start of the 19th millennium, the Fulani of Sokoto contained the authorities with the Hausa Bakwai to the Sokoto kingdom, the cornerstone of constitutional business known about 1966 due to the fact Northern Region of Nigeria.

The land of Kanem Bornu kingdom, along with the rest of current day North Eastern, Benue-Plateau and Kwara claims, remained beyond the common of Hausa and later Fulani impact.

Observe that Gwari are an expression still always make reference to men and women that haltingly stammers on Pigeon Hausa (Bagwari ne). Whilst those foreigner which talks fluid Hausa are called “Ya iya Hausa kamar jakin Kano”, virtually implying, “he talks Hausa like a Kano donkey”.

Hausa try commonly used as a lingua franca by Muslim populations far away to the west of Nigeria, e.g. Benin, Togo, and Ghana.

Hausa are spoken by, an estimated 22 million native speakers, plus a supplementary 17 million second tongue speaker system.

The greatest native talking society is actually Northern Nigeria, in which Hausa could be the native communication of this almost all the people and a universal lingua franca regardless of a speaker system’s initial terms.

In urban centers outside basically Islamic cities the zango will often function as the hub of arranged Islamic activities, including Koranic schools and internet sites for all the major Islamic fests.

This web site was authored that will help you become well informed about finding out the Hausa language, quickly and effectively without enjoying many weeks, weeks or perhaps even decades learning latest communication that you may lose interest very fast! Primarily the no-cost!

It really is intended to be A Lot Of Fun! Enjoyable! Delight and joy with friends and relations, occasionally with friends at your workplace – “you showing pals about Hausa words” with look on your face.

Teach your self Hausa site is created to help you learn the best Hausa communication immediately, to be able to feeling more confident hearing the relatives talking Hausa and learns precisely what some people assert about yourself in the Hausa lingo. Whether or not they’re swearing or causing you inside dialect, you ought to these days GRASP.

Who is this site designed for?

Nicely, any muscles who really wants to have a good time swiftly finding out the Hausa terms. As to me personally, the webmaster, your mother is actually an Hausa (better Zangon Kataf in Tagama village) and my father, an Igbo (Ogbeobi Unodu Ibolo-Oraifite).

By putting this page I happened to be wanting it’ll inspire my child and myself to discover the Hausa terminology.

It can also be meant for people born out side Hausa terrain, is likely to be your folks can converse Hausa and was lacking some time to show you the language or you’re at this point an American or African American citizens you may wants to read your mother and father’ unique terminology.

Look at this internet site as an introductory teaching toward the building blocks with the Hausa lingo.

This site is made up of expertise feel free to use These days, QUICK AND SIMPLE. An ideal GIFT for friends and family.

Should you decide took pleasure in reading through the contents of this great site make sure you inform your relatives while the personal about this – for them to enjoy also. Think of we talking Hausa in their mind? Weldone!


This great site was authored that can help you speak simple statement in Hausa dialect. Speaking “light hearted” Hausa terminology with all your look (yes! YOU) tend to be smiling

Who’s going to be this information website for: newbies that genuinely wish to know how to speak Hausa immediately devoid of a great deal of a fuss! It is the a lot of conveniently digestible website information actually ever composed about them.

That is this materials site never for: expert Hausa speakers. This site provides an amateur audience in an open and welcoming technique. If you have previously learned the basic principles, you will not need to get this fabulous website materials.

These fine Hausa usually are not protected in this websites. Thus, at the moment; teach yourself Hausa, importance take the Kano status Hausa.

Being the Hausa people (certainly not bbchausa) will say.. “Waiwaya maganin mantuwa” this means that. now that the right everyone is declaring a revelation, additional great customers should write up. Let us as a part re-trace all of our path into in which things began to go wrong.

No matter whether one give your self swahili, igbo, hausa fulani or voa hausa. Reality should believed constantly.


The Bbc hausa (or BBC industry Assistance Hausa headquartered Manchester UK) supply bbchausa providers on their international information website www.bbchausa making use of Kananci (Kano dialect while the expectations).

There are certain gists/gossip and articles of the Hausa anyone, whom now stay north Nigeria, areas of Ghana, Niger and Togo which the BBC’s Hausa Assistance (bbc hausa com or bbchausa) broadcast to.

BIBISI Hausa policy from the Africa cup Nations

The Bibisi hausa (wireless bibisi) industry Service possess in-depth plans for the Africa Cup of places from party stages with the last on 31 January.

The bibisi hausa web site hausa does have team facts, information and complement states each video game and reside copy comments through the gap match, semi-finals and final.

Bibisi hausa (or bbchausa) normally employs the advancement of all African teams contains Nigeria’s mega Eagles and making up ground with lovers who possess generated the long-journey from western Africa while BBC Portuguese for Africa will cover the match in every one of the work three every day broadcasts.

Broadcast Deutsche Welle Hausa and Speech of America Tune In Online

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